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To select a genuine exporter, few points to check: · Know when the company started · Background of the company · Website- and it’s content · Check if there in Google complaints · Exporters’ current presence and experience · Tradeshow participation · pricing of the products- is it on par with market · Willingness to help without expectation of sales · Video Calling/ Professional form of communication only · Knowledge about Quality, sourcing, and pricing of various products

Our company head office is in Mumbai that is base of our operation. We have various process units located near ports. Mumbai is the hub of export because of its key port location and financial capital. We are connected directly from the grass-root level with farmers and various markets for sourcing and procurement. Our process units being near ports make export costs cost-effective.

We are associated with, and source from the best premium quality agriculture producers and various other products displayed on our Website. Our procurement from farmers is done after meeting export quality checks only. Our sourcing team directly procures products and various other commodities from the best manufacturing units. We connect the global customers with Made In India’s best export quality products at the best competitive rates.

We can do procurement for you for various products and services permissible by government regulations and a few products not mentioned on our site. We believe in giving premium quality products that meet all norms and standards; therefore, we will export products that are worth it only. We guide you accordingly only.

All payments are accepted in US Dollars and, if otherwise specified at the time of finalizing the deal. Our Payment system is: Full advance Payment: When small orders, we prefer full advance payment as it minimizes bank charges involved—Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer to Bank under intimation. Part Payment in Advance: When large orders, 30 percent of the value should be given in advance. Balance payment to be made before dispatch. The customer will bear the Bank Charges applicable. Letter of Credit: Bulk orders require the Sight of a Letter of Credit. The Bank charges will be borne and account of the buyer. Small Payments can be made through Western Union. Payment through Paypal can be arranged if necessary.

We are a well-established company with all required registrations and accreditation from Government. We provide every detail regards to shipping of the products. We assist with information or any details required to satisfy any of your concerns. Our company is known for transparency, honesty, and integrity in dealing. While we finalized the deal, we mentioned everything clearly to reduce any communication gap.

Sea Freight Air Freight We use Courier, Post, and EMS We do Freight to Collect Basis Shipping charges vary according to size, export destination, dispatch mode, etc.

Please fill out the Request for Quotation form or get in touch via mail or contact us with your requirement and we will get back to you soon.

We have a dedicated team that works on giving prompt responses for presales while the deal is being conformed, during sales, and post-sales. We are available through various communication platforms.

Yes, we have all required documentation regarding certificates, standardization, governmental norms, international norms, and certification required, which can be provided to you when asked. Otherwise mentioned on our Website for you to check,

We have tie-ups with major global importing companies in all major developed and developing countries. We are open for tie-ups and require procedural work required for importing or exporting as per the need of the country and customers.

To ensure our customers receive premium quality goods, we ensure: Moisture: We dry out product in the hot sun to avoid moisture; otherwise, it causes fungus. All procedure is carried out under expert supervision, so there are zero fungus chances. Pre-Cleaning: We have a processing unit that conducts pre-cleaning to remove foreign particles and the right quantity you receive. We use Jute Bags and Gunny Bags and ensure the product has proper ventilation. Also, we offer personalized branding and packaging options. Further, we give you the right to choose the packaging of products as per your requirement from Paper bags, PP Bags, and HDPE bags and with liner depending on your requirement and request in advance. Fumigation: Proper fumigation procedure is done when products enter the warehouse, when it’s packed, and when they enter containers. We ensure craft paper and silica gel to put in the container. Third-Party inspection for quality check is carried out for container health. Quality inspection to count the number of bags and quality check is done till time container is sealed.

Yes. As part of our private label business, we can pack for you under your label and offer a variety of packing options – See our packaging options.

Yes. Vidhata Impex certifies that all it products are Sudan I – IV free and Para Red free.

No, we have the expertise to create any type of seasoning or blend you require. We can either match a target sample or create an entirely new flavor or blend based on your brief.

We are happy to provide service to hotels and other food service institutions. We have a variety of packaging options including 50gm to 1 kg poly packs, in addition to our bulk packing. We can provide basic spices & blended spices including garam masalas and curry powders in our brand “Flevomix”

Yes. Vidhata Impex will is certified to provide steam-sterilized organic, processed spice products.

Yes. Every product you buy out of Vidhata Impex passes documented quality checks. When there is a problem, our system is powerful enough to have traceability all the way back to the farmer from whom the spice was purchased.

Yes. Vidhata Impex has the capability to provide customers with not only steam sterilized spices, but seasonings and blends as well.

Yes. We would be happy to put your label onto our packs. With our variety of packaging, labelling and product options.

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